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Autoparts Midwest can trace its heritage to 1980 when its founder , Robert Faut, left Xerox Corporation to develope a distribution system in the emerging import auto parts market. At that time, the major supplier for the foreign and import auto parts were Companies such as Beck Arnley, Lucas, Borg Warner, EAP and KYB. In the mid 1980’s, the business model was expanded to include domestic auto parts along with the import and foreign auto parts. We then increased our supplier base over the years to include major auto part suppliers and manufacturers such as, Bendix Corp., Autopart International, Anchor Industries, Westar, DEA Products, Mc Quay Norris, Raybestos, Gabriel, Silla, Worldpac, Cadna, Prestolite, FCS Auto, Drive Train Technology, and WJB Bearing.. In addition, over the years we became an importer of major under car products, such as, brake rotors, ball joints, inner and outer tie rod ends, control arms, track bars, sway bar links, idler arms, suspension and steering kits, and oil filters.

Autoparts Midwest and its affiliates, act as an e-commerce auto parts supplier to all corners of the world by selling on line. In addition, Autoparts Midwest acts as a warehouse distributor of auto parts and distribute merchandise in the United States and Canada. We maintain and operate our warehouse in Chicago , Illinois with modern shipping and inventory control systems to insure accurate and timely shipments. Our standard for processing an item is within 24 hours, which excludes Saturday and Sunday. Because we inventory the items we sell, processing and shipping via UPS, Fedex, and USPS is very efficient and timely.

In addition to supplying auto parts to the on line markets around the world, we supply products to other warehouse distributors, auto part jobbers, professional mechanics, repair shops, resellers, exporters, importers, and the do-it-yourselfer retail market. We take great pride in our customer service. There are times when we can assist you with the installation of the products you have purchased such as a bearing or a hub bearing. Both a bearing and a hub bearing require very specific installation procedures. A plain bearing requires two procedures which is properly pressing the bearing onto the spindle and then using proper torque specifications and procedures with a hand torque wrench. A hub bearing requires proper torque specifications and these must be applied with a hand torque wrench. We will supply these specifications for proper installation. Our present bearing suppliers meet or exceed OE specifications. The probability is extremely high that a bearing or hub bearing that fails during its early installation cycle, is caused by improper installation or hitting a road hazard such as a pot hole, curb, parking lot bumper, etc.

Chassis and steering components such as ball joints, tie rod ends, track bars, idler arms and control arms may require assistance in proper installation. As an example, many of the Dodge Ram 1500 and 2500 trucks require addition instructions on installing the commonly replaced track bar. As stated, the auto and truck parts we sell meet or exceed various OE standards. And the auto and truck parts we sell are for standard replacement parts only. We have found many trucks with additional suspension and steering modifications such as lift kits, exchanged front ends and over size tires and rims.

We take great pride in maintaining the highest customer service standards. We encourage you to contact us at our Toll Free Customer Service Number for any Ebay question at 877-775-7754 , between Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM 6:00 PM or email us with any question regarding Ebay questions.

We welcome you to the Autoparts Midwest family and we are looking forward to assisting you today and in the future.


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